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In a very small village of some sort (entire size of the place could probably be scaled in under a minute on foot), with friends from -----------------. Not sure why I'm here but it's clear that I'll have to stay for a few days. A not uncommon method of travel in this village is rollerblading, so I put on a pair and have fun skating around. I come across two people with a bowling ball who challenge me to a game of 'dodge the bowling ball'. I accept, and one of them rolls the ball towards me at great speed. I successfully avoid the initial attack, but the ball rebounds of a wall behind me and hits my feet. Impressed by the rebound manoeuvre, I leave.

I am in an outdoor section of a large airship of sorts, perhaps the bottom area of a blimp. I am with two friends. Below us is a view of thick clouds. The surface we are walking on is completely stable, but contains sections of piping with large areas of hazardous empty space between. Both of my friends begin jumping around on the pipes. Suddenly one of them slips through a gap and plunges to his doom. I watch him slowly disappear into the clouds. He doesn't scream but I can somehow hear him breathing heavily. The scene disturbs me greatly. I am hanging around with a strange man, roughly the same age as myself. Intermittently we switch places; I become him and vice versa. It appears we are in ----------------, though there are noticeable differences. We visit the man's sister, she is living in a single room, a room that for some reason is guarded. She is afraid of being in the room, so we tell her that she can stay at our place instead. We remain where we are and play video games for some time. I have a strong desire to be close to her. Suddenly the man begins to display intense magical powers. Out of thin air he spawns huge complex three-dimensional fractal structures, as well as strange unearthly reptile-like creatures. The creatures are docile, and we eat them alive. Ifm at the amazon warehouse again. There seems to be a war going on in it, or one's about to start. Ifm in the crowd of workers/soldiers getting briefed. Therefs a girl in a black dress in the crowd and somehow we talk for a moment and agree to step outside for a walk before we have to come back and get geared up for battle. Before we leave I realise I forgot to return my rifle/scanner and tell her to wait, run up quickly to return it and run into some problems but I come down just in time to open the door and see her locking it behind her, we both smile and she hugs me. Ifm walking in ?the hallways with her but I wind up outside walking away from the warehouse and Ifve lost her at some point, almost as if I woke up mid step. When I get back to work she pretends like nothing happened and looks straight through me. I was late to get back so all the decent equipmentfs been claimed and I have nothing to fight with, I feel like shit and march off to get myself killed.

Do not go to that height
where fear and love
are not feared or loved;
such things are flown from
but not made new;
what life you were shown,
as a child, has left you
and no more is there
save that which you can spare.