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I’m at the amazon warehouse again. There seems to be a war going on in it, or one's about to start. I’m in the crowd of workers/soldiers getting briefed. There’s a girl in a black dress in the crowd and somehow we talk for a moment and agree to step outside for a walk before we have to come back and get geared up for battle. Before we leave I realise I forgot to return my rifle/scanner and tell her to wait, run up quickly to return it and run into some problems but I come down just in time to open the door and see her locking it behind her, we both smile and she hugs me. I’m walking in the hallways with her but I wind up outside walking away from the warehouse and I’ve lost her at some point, almost as if I woke up mid step. When I get back to work she pretends like nothing happened and looks straight through me. I was late to get back so all the decent equipment’s been claimed and I have nothing to fight with, I feel like shit and march off to get myself killed. We’re children now and I thank her, I tell her I don’t want to drag her down with me and I draw a little portrait of her on a scrap piece of paper and tell her how pretty she is and how she shouldn’t waste her life on me but she stays anyway and we get dropped off at some sort of 3 way intersection in the middle of nowhere. We come across a mechanic and offer to work for him washing his cars and his family takes us in. I finally feel like I can rest, and I can barely remember why I started running in the first place or what my name is, and after what seems like slipping into sleep for the first time in a while, I feel orange. I go to the upstairs lobby someone’s playing the piano and both my car keys are right on top of the piano. I grab both and I start being chased by men that appear dressed for a masquerade ball. I run outside and back on the the next train leaving. I have my keys but no idea where my cars are, and I still haven’t paid for a ticket. I get off the ramshackle train and I’m in a weird version of central London. As I’m walking out the station I pass by a couple people I know, they nod at me, I process that and look around but they’re gone. I don’t realise it until I attempt to use an ATM surrounded by people on bicycles. All I get from the cash machine though is a slip of paper telling me that my account has been “muted”, I don’t mind, I do mind the hills though, it feels like the second I’ve been walking up one for too long I’m walking down one, the geography is beyond inconsistent.